What does manufacturing transparency mean? KTC’s view.

As a transparent textile manufacturer, KTC’s claim is to be ‘accessible to everyone’. Our doors and ears are open 365 days a year for employees, athletes, partners & customers alike.

Whether production, pay, or product: our claim is the same throughout. Anyone anytime should have full availability and access to information required for collaboration and collective management decision making. That applies to our plant in Heshan as well as for our products, materials, and working conditions.

KTC took this a step further, and together with the University of Vechta and Prof. Dr. med. Nick Lin-Hi (holder of the Chair of Economics and Ethics) we created the research-based project “Business is People”.
The project aims to promote sustainability and taking responsibility in the textile chain by means of innovative approaches. How can digital technologies be used to improve labor, environmental and social standards? What does transparency really mean in the production chain? Which technologies and partner cooperations make sense?
We are continually searching with one focus in mind: and that is the people behind the products. In the production, in the shop, and at the cash register.
See an example here with KTC’s ‘Showcase Brand’ Mountain Force and the Barry Ski Jacket.

KTC can now look back on half a century of development of our own exclusive production and manufacturing processes. They guarantee an advantage that only KTC can offer. The result: the unparalleled KTC stamp of quality and employee satisfaction