The Mono Drivers’ Jacket – a one of a kind garment.

First launched in 2011 by brothers Neill and Ian Briggs, BAC Mono is the world’s only road-legal, single-seater supercar. A masterpiece of engineering, Mono has broken a whole host of performance records on the track and is widely considered as the best driver’s car in the world

In 2016 BAC was interested in designing jackets using Gore-Tex fabrics and approached Gore to see who would have the vision to manufacture such a unique and complex project. Gore recommended KTC and we agreed to work collaboratively to engineer their design concepts. The idea was to create racing jackets made exclusively for the owners of the cars. These garments would need to mold with the seats to the shape of the exact standards of the driver, and fit ergonomically. BAC was very specific about asking us to create the garments to reflect the quality, attitude, and the precision engineering of their own automotive manufacturing process.

At KTC this was the first time we had worked with a supercar manufacturer, and whilst it bought us a set of unique issues that we had not encountered before, we embraced the challenge and we’re very proud of our collaboration which resulted in a one of a kind garment; the Mono Drivers’ Jacket.

– Gerhard Flatz, Managing Director of KTC