The importance of business ethics – goodbye to corporate greed?

KTC’s business ethics have always centered around the Motto ‘Business is people’, and not around greed and profit. While our price points remain high, it’s not due to profit-based motivation, but our core value of providing a fair wage to our employees. These enable a decent living standard for them and their families and rewards them for their committed and skillful craft. Another part of our cost-driving, but non-negotiable merits, is our energy towards good employer-employee harmony. We work hard to offer a safe and comfortable workplace with benefits such as social security and retirement packages.

Amid the pandemic, our employees felt very comfortable to return to work immediately, trusting the safe and careful procedures KTC put in place. This included workplace disinfection, sanitizing stations, regular temperature measurements, face masks, and social distancing, well above government standards. There aren’t any untoward feelings wandering through our manufacturing walls, the result of total transparency with our employees.

Apart from this reputation of being a trustworthy and long-term oriented employer, KTC is well known and established in the local communities, and we have many families who work for us that stretch over several generations.

Being engaged in the local community and various public schools in the village, KTC has gained the trust of the locals and built an emotional connection to our company, laying the foundation for a reliable workforce and positioning us favorably with our customers in terms of service excellence.

In the end, due to the results of our business ethics strategy, we can claim with confidence that our employees know and value our company as much as we do our employees.