The Honorable Merchant – A long-standing foundation of KTC

For the past 12 years, I have had the responsibility to look over KTC as its Managing Director. For close to 50 years, the company has built an honorable foundation of the way it likes to conduct business. Our longevity and continued long-term success lie in our people, our business acumen, and our focus on CSR.

KTC sticks to price levels that enable us to cover responsible manufacturing. During business and price discussions, a reduced price could, more often than not, generate higher turnover due to larger volumes, but KTC never does business or increased sales business at the cost of the workforce.

KTC creates high quality, long life-cycle products, at a cost level that give the items the value they deserve to have. For example, we won’t make something cheap and short-lived, for higher turnover, at the cost of the environment. Such as short life-span (low durability) products, that have been used a few times, and end up as landfill.

KTC is always transparent to its customers, both in favorable situations, and those that are difficult. We also encourage this behavior with our employees to create long-term, open partnerships that grow through mutual respect and tolerance. For example, for demands which we feel are unreasonable or not workable for KTC, we will openly tell the customer even though the discussion might be more difficult at that moment than finding a workaround.

On projects or products where we see or feel doubt (the benefit or “good” of the product), we will always make the customer aware of the pitfalls, rather than just making something for quick and easy money.

We will continue this open and transparent way of conducting our business, as it has held us in good stead over many years, through the good times and the bad.

– Gerhard Flatz, Managing Director