The Digital Textile Revolution

KTC’s journey into the digital textile revolution begins with a virtual garment creation and digital manufacturing model.

These collections will be created from a pool of talented designers, and showcased as digital runways and purchased to clothe Avatars based on accurate body scans. Items can then shared or traded through social media and other digital channels.

KTC’s innovative mentality comes in the form of an experimental physical-based clone. Based on the data from the clothed digital avatar, KTC would manufacturer a ‘made to measure’ clone. The materials, trims, print techniques, and workmanship are predefined, and the design will be constructed based on this ingredient basket linked to this design, assuring that the style can be produced in the Micro Factory, and the fitting and quality is to standard.

KTC is focused on making a real contribution to sustainable garment manufacturing. Welcome to the ‘Save the Stitch’ on-demand fashion concept.