Sustainability through Life-Cycle

While there is so much discussion about sustainability and environmental impact in the garment industry, KTC’s message has always been about Quality and Craftsmanship as the key to a garment’s Life-Cycle – resonating in the profound words of our founder Mr. Hans Kremmel.

“Quality is also longevity or a green aspect of garment making. Because a quality garment you can wear for years, and a lot of this cheap stuff which is available, which in my opinion is unnecessarily available, the people wear it a few times and throw it away and with our garments you don’t need to do that. But of course, it costs more when you buy it, but in the long-term, it’s probably a lot cheaper and a lot better for our environment. You have less shipping, you have less waste, less everything. And I think quality reflects everywhere in life.”

Listen here to more of his intriguing interview in Episode 7 of the KTC Beyond Cave Podcast.