Race The Wild Coast – Part of KTC X’s extreme development

Over the past two decades, KTC has had the privilege to be working on some truly exceptional projects that have considerably advanced the pioneering manufacturing methods within their factory.

A big part of the learning curve is down to establishing development platforms and a series of events for exceptional athletes as part of KTC’s ‘Festival of Endurance’ where these hardcore mavericks can test KTC X garments in extreme environments.

One such event is KTC’s Race The Wild Coast (RTWC), a 370-kilometre endurance horse race in South Africa which is considered as the toughest horse race on the planet. Together with the race director and renowned horseman Barry Armitage, KTC X has been able to develop specific apparel that has been tested for thousands of kilometres across some of the most rugged territory in the world.

RTWC was described by one recent contestant as “Utterly brutal, an onslaught, heroic, redeeming. An adventure so full of hazard and hardship that you must focus your entire self on the immediate, the now, the horse under you and the terrain in front of you, and cope with the utter basics of your existence.” As tough as this sounds it’s the perfect criteria for KTC X to learn how garments perform in the most extreme of circumstances. That is a fundamental requirement of their testing platform and integral to producing the most cutting edge apparel possible. It’s under these types of conditions that one learns the most about the capabilities of the garments in question.

With its increasing popularity, Race The Wild Coast has now expanded its platform to include other endurance disciplines that are perfectly suited to the challenge of South Africa’s eastern seaboard’s grueling terrain. Trail runners, mountain bikers, and long-distance surf ski specialists have also been invited to participate in 2020 making this a truly unique event.

Race the Wild Coast takes place between 17-25 October 2020.