Protective Outerwear 4.0

For close to 50 years, KTC has manufactured the highest quality performance outerwear (clothing worn outdoors, or clothing designed to be worn outside other garments) for some of the world’s biggest outerwear brands.

As we step into our 50th year, we find ourselves stepping beyond cave again, with a bold move into protective outerwear 4.0.

The future goal is not only to shield the body from harsh weather and optimize body temperature and comfort but also to develop outerwear garments to forge a protective shield for the nose, mouth, and skin; this includes high-frequency fields, optical radiation, and bacteria.

The end result of this forged protective shield, allowing the immune system to concentrate on its primary function.

Protective outerwear will become the future Body and Soul of KTC’s Beyond Cave – Heart, Body, and Soul concept, we are moving into every aspect of a person (you); completely. So from forging the shield to strengthening the immune system with exercise, and innovative and safe biohacking, to tools and garments to enable convenient and unforgettable outdoor experiences for well-being.

The next 50 years for KTC, proving to be as exciting, and as innovative as the first 50.