Optimum shielding for your well being

Over the last few decades, focusing on health was not a big issue for most of the population. With the onset of Covid-19 this has changed somewhat. “The earlier we take full responsibility for our well being, the higher the chances are we will withstand the current challenge and the ones to come,” says KTC’s collaborating lifestyle partner Andreas Breitfeld at Breitfeld Biohacking.

His 360-degree approach focuses on cutting-edge strategies to shield you from harmful environmental hazards – both internally and externally and to support you in optimising your physical and mental health. So what does this mean?

To achieve this, extensive research and studies are combined with vigorous self-experimentation and testing, to prove the most effective strategies in the fields of movement, nutrition, and more. KTC complements this with state-of-the-art textile developments to keep environmental hazards at bay, including harmful electromagnetic frequencies, viruses, and everything else you might need to avoid in the future.

It is the ultimate goal at Breitfeld Biohacking to build a perfect shield that works internally and externally so one can thrive as long as possible and another reason KTC and its partners go #beyondcave.

More information on Breitfeld Biohacking can be found here: breitfeld-biohacking.com