On-demand production – 3D Measurement, Avatar & Simulation

The recent demand for digitalization of manufacturing processes and on-demand production within our industry is inevitable. The acceleration of design processes by implementing virtual product development has led to the delivery of individualized products in shorter lead times. Reducing unnecessary samples and mass-production is the required effect, next to the development of high-quality garments.

KTC has been working closely with ‘Fision technologies’. Their product, Meepl, works with a non-contact, 3D measurement system to produce a digital copy of the human body’s surface. This generates a silhouette of the customer’s shape and an extensive list of body measurements. Measurements and avatar are used to create “made to measure”- garments for on-demand production.

Assyst, one of the leaders in the advancement of pattern construction and virtual garment draping simulation, offers the possibility to implement the customer’s measurements and avatar in their software. In this way, the 2D-pattern will be done with real body dimensions and can be fitted on the avatar right away. Fit, design and functional details are obvious before making samples, that are time- and waste- consuming. KTC has been using this technology for making Norbert Sadlececk’s garments to support him on his round the world sailing expedition.

KTC wants to offer this technology, not only to top athletes but to everybody that will submit body measurements and avatar as described above. The existing patterns will be automatically modified to the customer’s body dimensions. The result can be viewed again as a 3D simulation on the avatar before starting the on-demand production. The customer will receive his garment, tailor-made, in a reasonable amount of time.