On an open letter from Gerhard Flatz – Chairman of the Board of Mountain Force AG.

Since 2006 Mountain Force has been a brand dedicated to creating the best performance outerwear garments that are both functional and fashionable, protecting the outdoor adventurer in any conditions.

Over the last 14 years, this vision hasn’t changed that much.

What did change was when KTC Limited decided to purchase Mountain Force in 2011. That brought the brand a now close to 50-year heritage in performance outerwear manufacturing. In its lifetime, KTC has and continues to have, a mindset and the know-how of pushing the boundaries and possibilities in performance outerwear manufacturing lead by unparalleled Chinese Craftsmanship.

The ‘USP’ Mountain Force profits from the most in this construct, is the absolute control over every single detail in a Mountain Force garment – from design, manufacturing quality to on-time delivery.
This uniqueness is most noticeable by touching one of our garments, looking at the production quality or simply trying a garment on – a fit like no other.

Even with the dreadful onset of COVID-19, and the state of the textile industry as a whole, KTC and Mountain Force have long been working on a future strategy with a clearly defined vision.

This includes but is not limited to, a sharpened R&D focus on sustainable and circular economies, strengthening KTC’s present CSR stance (enhanced through Mountain Forces ‘Leader’ status with the Fair Wear Foundation), and creating a new e-commerce platform that supports local dealers and drives greater frequency into their stores while at the same time positioning them as specialised ambassadors of our garments. Something that is often overlooked with other Brands.

E-commerce is a natural extension of Mountain Force’s omnichannel driven presence, and this perhaps should have come sooner. The timing is coincidental and not reflective of the current situation.

50 years of experience has taught KTC to be agile and to react to most situations. Our production in Heshan lost 2 weeks following the Chinese New Year as we took government measures very seriously, and the care of our valued employees and their immediate families was our biggest concern, as it always has been.

Despite many ups and downs, it is ultimately people that are always most valued – especially in times like these. Our creatives & craftspeople, our employees, our dealer ambassadors, and the people that decide to put on a Mountain Force garment, and enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer.

Best Regards