Mountain Force and the Fair Wear Foundation

Being KTC’s ‘showcase brand’ since 2011, Mountain Force takes social responsibility very seriously. This was the initial reason why becoming a Fair Wear member, also in 2011, made so much sense; to strengthen and emphasize our total commitment to social practices – a trait built into everything KTC itself does.

With the highly complex nature of the manufacturing required to produce a Mountain Force garment, working closely with the supply chain and the people who make the garments is absolutely essential to the quality of the final product.

Fair Wear’s Brand Performance Check

The Brand Performance Check is a tool the Fair Wear Foundation uses to figure out how their member brands’ business practices improve labor conditions. Every year, they review brands’ efforts by measuring how well they have assessed, identified and resolved issues with their suppliers.

These findings are made available to the public, offering Mountain Force and KTC a further layer of total CSR transparency.

Sourcing Strategy

The values which help us meet these ‘Performance Check’ standards are criteria like a long-term commitment to supplier partners, as well as a strong focus on providing the suppliers with the highest possible volume. Also vital are the strong and reliable partnerships with the suppliers, as well as a clear commitment towards the manufacturer and the workforce who are actually crafting the Mountain Force apparel.

Mountain Force also makes a pledge NOT to source based on pressurizing supplier rankings. For example, common pressurizing supplier rankings like “lowest price receives the contract” place the wage levels of the workers in the factory at high risk while demanding unreasonably short lead times for shorthand reaction towards expected market demands, make increased overtime hours likely to happen on the work floor.

Contrary to this, Mountain Force uses its close insights into the reality and challenges of a manufacturer to avoid and mitigate the root causes of common wrongs to the greatest degree possible.

Being so closely integrated into the ‘fabric’ (pardon the pun) of KTC, who has a close to 50-year heritage and impeccable record in social responsibility and sustainable business, has always been Mountain Forces strength, and one of its top USP’s in the market place.

The Facts

You can learn more about KTC’s commitment to CSR here, and view how Mountain Force achieved its current ‘Leader’ status via the Brand Performance Check here!