Mobile body profile by Meepl

As traditional retailers continue to struggle to meet new consumer demands, the online shopping revolution, and oversupply. The pioneering Swiss company Meepl, is offering technological solutions that will radically change the garment industry landscape. Meeple has developed an easy and accurate way to offer 3D body scanning to the customer via mobile phone. The platform measures your body with two smartphone images and generates a 3D avatar that can be used in various applications around the textile industry.

The lack of standard sizing is a continuous concern for online shoppers frustrated by not knowing how items fit in terms of size, suitability or style. This is a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed as the online retail experience has grown exponentially. We strongly believe that complimenting the customer journey with 3D avatars to allow accurate size recommendations, virtual dressing rooms or made to measure services is a natural evolution for the future of the retail experience.

There is also a duty of care to help arrest the huge impact of the garment industry on the environment as it struggles to contain wastage and the negative impact created by supply overwhelming demand.  Meeple believes the adoption of the 3D body scan will improve the sustainability of fashion by reducing the 30 percent of clothing that gets returned — most of which, Meepl co-founder Ferdinand Metzler says, ends up as landfill.

At KTC we strongly believe in embracing technology for the greater good and in order to verify the capabilities, KTC utilised Meepl’s state of the art platform to help us build bespoke garments for world-renowned yachtsman Norbert Sedlacek. We must say we were impressed by how accurate the body profile worked helping to create a made to measure outfit ready for his unique journey. In July, Norbert will single-handedly sail around the world including through the Arctic and Antarctic oceans – a world first.