KTC X’s 3 pillars, for a cohesive apparel concept for extreme technical garments

Over the past 20 years, the development of technical apparel has evolved into a complex and sophisticated science. To help simplify this process KTC X has separated it into 3 pillars of material research, pattern making and fitting, and garment manufacturing.

The material of a garment is largely responsible for its overall comfort and protection against the elements. Each aspect of a material – fibre choice, yarn, textile construction, weight, protective barriers, and finishing treatments – plays a pivotal role in how it functions in certain situations.
True material innovation, takes time, a genuinely exploratory mind, and diligence to bring the open ends of material technology together in a novel concept.
Deciding on which materials fit a cohesive extreme garment concept, takes time-intensive and in-depth research with an allowance for trial and error – the approach taken by KTC X.

Pattern making and fitting help KTC X not only hone in on the targeted sports activity, and the unique characteristics of the materials, but also takes the cross-layer coordination (which material, where) of the garment system into account. The result aims to produce a ‘second skin’ fit – entirely unrestricted in movement and comfort.
A good understanding of the material’s properties is vital to achieving such a fit. It is often underestimated, how different layers in a functional garment system affect each of the other layers fit. KTC X take the cross-layer coordination (Pattern making and fitting) very seriously.

Workmanship and detail in manufacturing are not only vital functional aspects, but also contribute largely to the aesthetic qualities of a garment. A beautifully manufactured garment is a piece of art, that gives the end-user goosebumps!
Creating garment systems for extreme sports and hostile conditions calls upon bespoke features and garment manufacturing innovation. KTC X, backed by a close to 50-year heritage in innovative manufacturing, has already garnered success and much positive feedback from its group of hardcore mavericks, knowing we are on the right track.

KTC X continues to break ground in cohesive apparel concepts by being able to simplify a complex science into 3 inter-linked, manageable components.
Where KTC X really shines, is in its absolute attention to detail, unparalleled Chinese Craftsmanship, and KTC’s renowned ability in garment manufacturing innovation.