KTC X athlete Jovica Spajic wins ROVANIEMI 300

KTC X athlete Jovica Spajic has just finished the 300 km ultra winter marathon ‘ROVANIEMI’ in Finland in first place in the runners category!

From the start last Friday, he covered the 300km distance in demanding weather and trail conditions with only one 4 hour break of total rest in 3 days and 3 hours 38 minutes – the new best time since the beginning of this event in 2012!

Jovica has been preparing for the race with tenacious discipline in the past few months, while also putting the garment system that KTC developed just for this race through the hardest possible test conditions.
During the past 10 months, our KTC technical engineering team has tweaked and optimised the race garments in close cooperation with him. The goal was, to ensure the best possible protection and comfort while pushing his physical and mental limits hard during this extreme winter race.

The garment system relies on fibres, materials and construction that provide optimised management of moisture and temperature. The technical garment system developed by KTC combines the key requirements of polar expedition with trail running, specifically for Winter Ultra Marathon. It addresses the challenges of providing sufficient insulation while avoiding overheating and the accumulation of moisture. Four core styles made with fully air-permeable and permanently water-repellant fabrics are the base of insulation for the high-cardio phases during the race in moderate conditions. A 3-layer hardshell and a down-insulated shell jacket and pant provide additional weather protection and insulation.

The technical highlights: fully air-permeable materials with a new high-performance and permanent water repellency and a down-proof material, that is highly air-permeable and elastic!

Read through the full garment system report utilized by Jovica here!

Well done Jovica!