KTC on board to sponsor The Ultimate Test

In 81 days, Norbert Sedlacek Koch, the solo seafaring legend, will embark on the ultimate test on an unforgiving ocean.

Around the world single-handed, nonstop, and without assistance, is widely regarded as the ultimate test of seamanship and courage. He will endure month after month in his own company, and be forced to pit his nautical prowess against torrential storms, ice, fierce oceans, loneliness, and frustration during a distance of about 34,000 nautical miles.

He will start this historic journey on the 18th of July 2021 from Les Sables d’Olonne, and KTC is proud to accompany him as his main sponsor, as we have done over many years.

Both grueling and dangerous, and like 50 years of KTC, this Ant Arctic Lab is a serious test of heart, body, and soul!

Learn more about the journey here!