KTC Craftsmanship – As important now as it ever was.

As modern technology moves at breakneck speeds, and companies cut quality to achieve adequate profit margins, it feels as though the skillful art of craftsmanship has all but been forgotten.

The attitude that helped drive China’s economic boom and positioned it as a manufacturing powerhouse also changed the general public’s perception of China from a luxury goods producer to low-quality bargain products.

But in recent times the so-called ‘craft economy’ has gained significant ground as more consumers turn away from meaningless, throwaway items and opt for quality crafted garments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

For close to 50 years, the ‘C’ of KTC has long stood for our painstaking dedication to Craftsmanship and is something we continue to be most proud of. It combines the need for the old-world skill with modern precision and innovation to create products of long-lasting value and quality.
We proudly stand behind ‘manufactured by KTC in China’.

Although coming from a wealth of different backgrounds, our manufacturing team continues to be united by a shared commitment to creating the best outerwear garments, for the most well-known outdoor brands in the industry.