KTC – BEYOND CAVE. Heart, Body, and Soul.

A never-ending curiosity and courage to overcome stepping outside one’s comfort zone, and experience the world beyond the horizon, is what drives KTC. Heart, Body, and Soul.

Over the last 50 years, KTC has modeled this brand idea into a diversified strategy.

The ‘Heart’ or core being KTC’s Honourable Merchant Manufacturing, with CSR at ‘its’ foundation. Built upon this is KTC’s OEM and M2M manufacturing, including interests in developing tools and ideas towards a more sustainable industry.

For several years KTC has also researched and developed several innovative garment systems and manufactured them in partnership with its KTC LAB.

To further diversify, KTC has also sharpened its focus on the body and soul, which involves every aspect of a person, completely.

Forging a protective shield, with garments that protect the nose, mouth, and skin, as well as blocking external contaminants like UV and electronic field radiation is the basis for the body. But forging the protective shield doesn’t stop there. KTC supports strengthening the immune system with exercise and innovative and safe biohacking with our long-standing biohacking partner, Andreas Breitfeld.

KTC’s soul lies in investing in, and developing tools and garments to enable convenient, unforgettable outdoor experiences for general well-being. Whether through its swissrent investment (an outdoor experience-enabling platform), its showcase brand Mountain Force – where this season’s motto is ‘color your experience’ or by research and development in a new rental garment system through the KTC LAB.

KTC’s pillars of Knowledge, Technology, and Craftsmanship, reimagined and redesigned for the heart, body, and soul of the future.