KTC and Thermoregulation – surviving hostile environments

Skin is the largest organ on the human body and the vital interface between regulating outside environments and body temperature.

The KTC LAB seeks to craft ultimate protection from an assortment of external hostile environments while providing maximum body comfort in a range of different performance levels.

KTC LAB is focussing on thermoregulation and its varying fluctuations during the day, and how this changes with activity intensity. The LAB is working closely with Moeco, to measure external and internal garment temperatures with non-invasive, data-collecting sensors, to get a better understanding of this thermo-flux

Our BETA-Testers from KTC X are very fit, and their internal ‘thermostats’ will typically show a far greater range of fluctuations, which in turn provides the ultimate testing ground in developing, high-quality, performance outerwear.

This survival theme bonds perfectly well with KTC’s mantra of ‘beyond cave’; early adopters in coping with changing external environments, while regulating body climate at optimal performance temperatures for survival.