Face (Mask) the future – Update

A few weeks into the face mask project, it has become apparent that the process is clearly an interesting challenge and a great learning curve for the KTC LAB.

First of all, weeding through a forest of regulations and standards around filter efficiencies, and different levels of protection to get a clearer understanding of the goal of the mask was a manageable task. Secondly, searching medical and industrial filtration fabrics, far off the usual paths of the team’s technical expertise, was a great extension to the LAB’s knowledge base. And last but not least, the blocking of entire production lines of mask and gown fabrics to meet national demands brings yet another promising fabric search to a grinding halt.

It now becomes clear that this is much more than just a project, but rather a mission.

The bar is set high for KTC’s goal to combine machine laundry with a certain level of filtration in a cut-and-sew construction.

But this is always how KTC has tackled its innovation process – with an open mind for new approaches, and persistence in exploration.