Face (Mask) the future – from utility to crafted necessity

KTC and it’s KTC LAB have evolved the face mask from a plain and practical device in the workplace, into a comprehensively reimagined item, ignited by the worldwide impact of COVID-19.

For decades face masks have been a price-sensitive and practical utility item for work and/or medical use, rarely used by the general public. At least in ‘most’ parts of the world. Those masks were manufactured for one-time use, following set standards, with little need for change or evolution.

The onset of COVID-19 changed things dramatically, moving the item into the center of global attention, with many countries enforcing the wearing of face masks in public mandatory.

This lead manufacturers from different industry sectors, to focus on the development and production of face masks. Included in this group were both functional and fashionable garment manufacturers. Consumer’s from both sides of the garment industry had their senses (and their expectations) awakened, paving the way for true innovation, in what was previously quite a ‘mundane’ item.

When Albert Einstein said, ‘in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity’, he most likely didn’t have such a severe global crisis in mind, which set the stage for an explosion in innovation in a short span of time, even forcing industry experts to blink twice.

Since May 2020, KTC LAB has been leading from the front and is currently developing 3 innovative face mask styles, all with different USP’s, and shielding levels. From the highly functional, to the highly protective, providing options for all parts of the community.

As always KTC and the KTC LAB – ‘beyond cave’.