Electrosmog & GaaPPS

The topic of electrosmog or high-frequency electromagnetic fields is one that most of us like to ignore. Or whose relevance/negative impact on health many negate.

Without question, without cell phones and mobile internet, most of us would not manage to live our lives the way we do. Of course, we are all in global competition, and a modern factory line without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth would be unthinkable. As so often in life, there are clear pros and cons.

Interestingly, we react differently to information about non-ionizing radiation than we do to ionizing radiation. The fact that nuclear power (ionizing radiation) is associated with risks no longer needs to be discussed in 2020. With high-frequency electrosmog, however, many still doubt the risk. But why?

The assumption that there is little for free in the so-called civilized world is correct. And it is the same in the case of high-frequency electromagnetic fields. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection’s website (bfs.de) provides a clear overview of the negative consequences of electromagnetic fields on the human body.
Here, the physical consequences of radiation exposure are listed. They range from the unnatural heating of organs in correlation to the fluid content, classification of cell phones as potentially carcinogenic by the WHO, to the statement that a negative long-term effect of 5G currently cannot be ruled out – presented in purely scientific terms.

On its 50 year anniversary, KTC strides into the future with its innovative GaaPPS concept. The ‘Garment as a Preventative Protective Shield’.