Bunney & KTC, a unique opportunity

Over the years, KTC has collaborated with some of the world’s leading outdoor brands and has built a proud reputation for developing groundbreaking technical garments for a myriad of environments and disciplines.

More recently, the scope has widened, and they have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects from other sectors that would traditionally sit outside of the outerwear performance world. A unique example was their collaboration with Bunney, the luxury jewelry brand, with its director Andrew Bunney at the helm.

Bunney’s philosophy is rooted in authenticity, and this means working with partners considered best-in-field. As a brand, Bunney is very specific, and there was an understanding that KTC would be open to trying out new things and putting new solutions on the table. With this in mind, KTC was given the task of creating a Fishtail Parka to accompany Bunney’s collaboration with Vespa.

The garment had to retain a silhouette similar to the original, as well as some of the styling aspects, including leather trims and fur. The idea, however, was to fuse modern fabrication and techniques to make a contemporary version of this cult classic. The result was a highly technical piece of garment engineering that took technology from the 1950s and 60s and brought it right up to the present day.

The project was exhibited at Dover Street Market and United Arrows, amongst others, and proved to be a highly successful collaboration, and in light of the fashion industry’s current fascination with performance apparel, well ahead of its time.